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Lance Sijan is core to the values of the
United States Air Force Academy

Sijan Hall was dedicated in 1976 to honor Captain Lance Sijan, the first and only Academy graduate to receive the Medal of Honor. Thinking back on the day the 4,400 cadets stood in formation and witnessed the “New Dorm” becoming Sijan Hall, a 1977 graduate remembered:

“Then, I thought Lance was special. Now, 40 years later, I’ve realized how special Lance really is. The life Lance led and death he suffered defines the United State Air Force Academy’s values of Duty, Honor, Country.”

A sister protecting Lance’s honor

Janine Sijan selflessly committed to preserve her brother’s legacy on that glorious day President Gerald Ford posthumously presented her family Lance’s Medal of Honor. She reminisced that the first time she held her brother’s medal:

My heart was full of pride,
and my eyes were full of tears

Lance’s decaying legacy

An F-4C Phantom Jet dedicated in Lance’s honor is currently on static display in a dilapidated office park on the outskirts of Lance’s hometown of Milwaukee. Janine Sijan spent the last five years lobbying public officials to secure a premier site location at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport. Fittingly, the City’s airport is named for fellow Medal of Honor recipient General William “Billy” Mitchell.

“While Milwaukee public officials voiced deep admiration for Lance, public funding remains unavailable.”

Lance’s F-4C relocation is on permanent hold until private funding can be secured.


Lance needs your help

Relocating the F4-C Phantom requires $100,000

Upon hearing of the funding shortfall, a graduate
refused to watch Lance’s F4-C Phantom rot in a desolate office park.

The graduate’s family’s foundation contributed

Please halt the decaying legacy of
the Academy’s only Medal of Honor recipient.

$10 certainly helps.
$25 is even better.
$50 is great.
$100 and you’re the best.

Contribute Here

100% of all donations are directed to the cost of preserving Lance’s honor.
Your support is fully tax-deductible.
Arts Wisconsin serves as fiscal agent.

Captain Lance Sijan MoH salutes you!

Lance’s story

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